Ninth year in a row, Alumni members of EESTEC LC Belgrade have prepared a contest for the “Most versatile EESTECer” in our Commitment. This contest is open for all active members of LC Belgrade. The contest of the “Most versatile EESTECer” is aimed at the promotion of motivated and hard-working students. Alumni members of our Local Committee want to financially support the most active members in their work at the faculty, in EESTEC, but also in their extracurricular activities. That is why all of the active members should consider applying for this prestigious award! This is an amazing opportunity to show to everyone that it is possible to be a good student, a good EESTECer and to excel in other fields of interests as well. The chosen EESTECer will be awarded during the annual ball that is organized by the Alumni Association of students and friends of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade (ETF – BAFA).