Dragi Istekovci,

Ovog leta nas očekuje još jedna internacionalna razmena! U pitanju je #berlincalling, koji će Istekovci iz LK Minhen organizovati od 9. do 14. avgusta, u glavnom gradu Nemačke, Berlinu.   
Za prijavu je potrebno da do 1. jula u ponoć ostavite svoje motivaciono pismo na sledećem linku, kao i da popunjen formular pošaljete na board@eestec.etf.rs.
Uputstvo za registraciju na platformu eestec.net možete pronaći ovde.
Participacija iznosi 85 evra, a više detalja o događaju možete pronaći u nastavku.
Organizer: LC Munich 
Event: #berlincalling
Event type: Exchange
Dates: August 9th – 14th 2018
Number of Participants: 10
Participation fee: 85€
Deadline for application: July 1st, 23:59 CET
Contact us: munich@eestec.net
Dear EESTECers,

Welcome to the next level: Berlin, the most excessive place on earth.

We will spend 6 days in the heaven of liberalism and freedom, turning the night into day. Within this event, we will experience the lifestyle of summer Berlin with all the young hipsters, and have amazing conversations.

We promise you, this trip unfolds your openness and leaves its traces on you – make you return as a total #hipster.

Additionally, there might be Germans showing you around the sights, museums and culture.

German history is indeed super interesting, and Berlin units every single chapter, starting with Napoleon and his historic architectural buildings, going further to Hitler and the Nazi regime, finally ending with the division of Germany into BRD and DDR by the well known Berliner Mauer (wall). Parts of the Mauer still exist, artists around the world turned the Mauer into a huge piece of art by spraying it with graffiti. Our parliament and the rooftop terrace is also worth a visit.

The organizers will provide you with the best experience you can get in this amount of time, however, we want to let you know in advance about a few details:

  • We will provide accommodation and food for you guys for free, anything else is up to you. To get an overview, here are typical prices: Döner 2, entrance fee for a club 10-15, beer in a club 4, in the supermarket 0.8, train ticket for a day 5.
  • Mixed rooms are very likely.
  • Exchange 2.0: international brunch and more.
  • Also, you should bring some self-initiative, we won’t make a tight schedule, so everyone is responsible for his own needs. Of course, we provide you with good ideas and always be there for you :)) but it won’t be a “normal” EESTEC event with strict rules in any way. In general, the mornings will be relaxed, the focus is on the evening/night.
  • The event will take place in Berlin, yes not Munich, so we don’t provide any transport from Munich to Berlin. Please arrive to Berlin directly.
  • Most probably, there will be more spots available than stated on eestec.net (more than 10).

If you have any questions in advance contact us. Looking so much forward to have an amazing time in Berlin and we really hope YOU ARE IN and MAKE THE TIME UNFORGETTABLE.

Your hardcore #hipsters Christoph, Okan and Magda

P.S. Please provide a partymotional letter!