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Once upon a time… That's how every good tale ever told begins. This December join us in Belgrade to write another story that will be retold from generation to generation. Following the Trainers Meeting, we will make your favourite fairytales come to life through a series of activities during the most magical IMW LC Belgrade has ever seen.

We will take you through all the top sights in Belgrade, including the historical and artistic centers and spoil you with our culture and hospitality. But, don't be fooled into thinking that this will be just a mere tourist visit. On the contrary, the parties we are planning don't only last during the night, but throughout the entire day.

Get ready to experience Serbia's capital like never before! We have prepared various activities to fill the weekend with excitement and magic, including a treasure hunt that will engage your mind and lead you to a very special prize. Of course, while you're here, you will get the opportunity to sample the delicious Serbian cuisine and taste all of our famous drinks. In the end, it will all sum up to a perfectly wrapped up weekend of fun and adventure. So don't hesitate to put your magical slippers on and join us in Belgrade where the magic doesn't end at midnight!


Meet the Organizing Committee:

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Natasa Saponjic

Head Organizer

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Andriana Takic

Contact person

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Anisia Jovanovski

Logistics coordinator

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Stefan Bastajic

Fund Raising coordinator

Our IMW package includes:

Accomodation for 2 nights in the hostel

3 meals per day

Transportation from the airport, bus or train station

International night and Party with drinks

Survival Guide

About LC Belgrade

LC Belgrade is a member of the Electrical Engineering STudents' European assoCiation, EESTEC, since 2000, and is currently with more than 300 members, the largest and the best organized local committee in Europe. During sixteen years of its existence, over 1000 students of Electrical Engineering, at University of Belgrade, participated in professional seminars and cultural exchanges in cities all over Europe. Since establishment, we organized more than 50 international and local events, aimed at domestic and international students, to provide them with an opportunity for personal and professional development, and encourage exploring different cultures.
It is through organising free local projects for students at our University, like "Soft Skills Academy", which was held for the eight time, in 2017, which is later taken as EESTEC International project; we provide young people the opportunity to get a job in our country through organizing the biggest student voluntarily project "JobFair - Kreiraj svoju buducnost", which has lasted for thirteen years; as third local project, with tradition in our committee, we have "Brand new engineers - Od integrala do inženjera", which gives our students insights in current engineering subjects in a scientific way, with help from professors of our faculty. Also 2015. we started organizing 24h hackaton during BNE seminar. In 2017. we have participated in regional project PLC+ SIM(P)ATIC Challenge 2017 with LC Zagreb and LC Ljubljana. When it comes to the EESTEC International workshops we have organized the biggest event in EESTEC - 30th EESTEC Congress in 2016, and in the same year 1st Autumn Congress.
When it comes to the EESTEC International workshops we have organized the biggest event in EESTEC - 30th EESTEC Congress in 2016, and in the same year 1st Autumn Congress. This year we were hosts to 17 international students during our exchange "Belgrade State of Mind Vol. 3". We all know that international workshops and cultural exchanges are the core of our eestec spirit, and we are always happy and willing to provide you the best experience ever in Belgrade. What we get through volunteering in our local committee is soft skills, discovering ourselves and others through the work in local and international projects, and the greatest gift of all, inevitable happiness when you know you have a great number of outstanding individuals as friends, and whichever eestec place you go, you will be welcomed with a smile and genuine hospitality.
Few cities can boast a setting as extraordinary as Belgrade’s. The views over the Sava and the Danube confluence from Kalemegdan are memorable – no wonder the Turks called it ‘The Hill of Contemplation’. The park blends harmoniously with the fortress; it’s the city’s premier outdoors destination, with basketball and tennis courts, chess players, souvenir sellers and a zoo. South of the centre are two huge – and adjacent – forest parks. Košutnjak, once the royal hunting grounds, has walking trails, swimming pools and even a modest ski slope. Topčider has been a popular picnic area since the 19th century, when its famous gigantic sycamore tree was planted. Enjoying the rivers is one of the best things to do in Belgrade, and there’s more to it than river-barge revelry. In summer Belgrade's flock to the pebbly beach on the Sava river’s forested Ada Ciganlija island-turned-peninsula-with-a-lake, where activities range from roller skating to bungee jumping. For fewer crowds, hop over to sandy Lido beach at the tip of the Great War Island, smack in the middle of Ušće (The Confluence); the rest of the island is a protected bird sanctuary. The Sava’s small Ada Međica island, once a fisherman's hangout, is a wonderful secluded nature retreat with houseboats.

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