Dragi Istekovci, LK Ahen nam predstavlja radionicu pod nazivom Aixtec 2: Autonomous Driving koja će se održati od 23. do 28. oktobra. Ukoliko ste zainteresovani sve što treba da uradite je da ostavite motivaciono pismo na sledećem linku, kao i da popunjen formular pošaljete na board@eestec.etf.rs i to do 20. septembra. U nastavku vam šaljem mejl LK Ahen. Pozdrav, ********************************************************************* Organizer: LC Aachen Event:  Aixtec 2: Autonomous Driving When: 23. Okt. – 28. Okt. 2017 Number of participants: 15 Deadline: 20th September 2017, 23:59 CEST Contact: aachen@eestec.net Applicationseestec.net   *********************************************************************   Dear EESTECers!   We’ve got exciting news for you engineers! Right after the school start we’re going on a road trip together where you will experience everything you wish to know about Autonomous Driving. When it comes to Autonomous Driving Aachen is a hotspot for research and production, where you will get the chance to discuss with prestigious companies about challenges for industry and academia as well as need for the new Hard- and Software – gain knowledge about the Smart traffic and V2X. LC Aachen prepared an intense program for you which includes academic program with industry and of course RWTH Aachen. You will have lectures and working sessions with leading researchers in automation, robotics and ICT. We are lucky enough to have a main sponsor which is a Global player in the Automobile industry.   The beautiful Aachen-weather, parties and lot’s of beer are waiting for you. We’ve prepared great suprises and challenges apart from the serious stuff so pack up your umbrella and EESTEC Spirit – you’re going to need them both equally :D   Hope to see you!   Best,   Duygu Doyran   P.s.: More details about the program and IMW are coming soon… Stay tuned!