Dragi Istekovci,
JLK Katanija nam sa zadovoljstvom predstavlja svoj prvi internacionalni motivacioni vikend: F.I.C.A. First International Catania Adventure koji će se održati od 27. do 29. oktobra. Ako želite da budete deo ovog veoma posebnog događaja potrebno je da ostavite motivaciono pismo na sledećem linku, kao i da popunjen formular pošaljete na board@eestec.etf.rs i to do 26. septembra. Ukoliko imate bilo kakvih pitanja, vaš CP je tu za vas.
U nastavku vam prosleđujem mejl JLK Katanija.
******************************************************************************************************************* Organizing committee: JLC Catania Event: F.I.C.A. First International Catania Adventure Event type: IMW Dates: 27th Oct – 29th Oct 2017 Maximum participants: 20 Participation fee: 60€ Deadline for application: 26th September 23:59 CET Applications: https://eestec.net/events/fica-first-international-catania-adventure E-mail for contact: eestec.catania@gmail.com ******************************************* Dear EESTECers, The time has come to have an inimitable experience on the Horror theme! It’s the most awaited event for many years and now it’s becoming reality! Are you ready for the First International Catania Adventure? During this weekend we will discover the history, art, and flavors of our island, Sicily, while in the night you won’t be able to sleep because of the fear that will constantly grow in your bones, Halloween is coming! You will spend time in great historical places step by step visiting Baroque Catania, the worldly wide know Taormina, eating the Real Italian Pizza, visiting Greek / Roman theaters and you will see great unique landscapes, right in between the sea and Europe’s largest active volcano Etna that inspired all kinds of poets. Of course, we didn’t  forget about parties! Games and challenges are waiting for you and if the weather allows you will also have the chance to go to the sea, so bring your swimsuit with you. There is an Italian phrase that says: “When you go to Sicily you cry three times: when you go there, when you go back, and when you weigh yourself afterwards.” Take the chance to apply now!