Exchange name: Freeze the Time!
Organizing LC: Belgrade
Date: 23th - 29th December 2011.
Number of participants: Fifteen
Facebook event

On the 23rd of December 2011. fifteen EESTECers from all over the Europe will step on the grounds of Serbia for LC Belgrade's winter exchange "Freeze the Time!". For the next six days, participants will have the opportunity to discover the soul of Serbia through many festivities that LC Belgrade has prepared just for them. Starting with the traditional EE ball and KST costume ball this exchange will turn into a, hopefully unforgettable, experience for everyone who joins it. Not only that fifteen lucky EESTECers will explore "the city that never sleeps", they will also get the chance to take a rest from the never ending Belgrade party and visit some of the popular tourist destinations in Serbia. And for those interested in the academic side, this conference for young engineers of Europe will also include visiting Nikola Tesla Museum, the museum dedicated to one of the most significant scientists of human era, Nikola Tesla.

Representing the spirit of Serbia, LC Belgrade will introduce this group of EESTECers all the beauties of the Serbian culture, tradition and cuisine. Hopefully, on Thursday 29th of December, after sweet ending of the exchange, every participant will be happy for choosing Belgrade as a place to spend the end of the year, and will take some of Belgrade's warmth back home.